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Files and Design in Cardilla

Here you will learn how to prepare your files, how to order your card design and where to get help with the graphics.

General Rules
We accept only TIF files for digital (inkjet) print and EPS or PDF files for offset print. Each design should have 2mm bleed i.e. for a typical size of card (ISO) of 86x54mm, the size of the card design should be 90x58mm. Use CMYK color range only. Pleas do not mark any punching or cutting od the card design. If you are ordering personalized cards, make sure you attach a preview of card design including personalization and proper database.

Instructions and card templates
To make life easier for our clients, we have prepared a guide including instructions and card templates where you will learn how every product cdesign should be prepared. A precise card template will make the preparation easier.

Designer Help
If you don't have a card design, our Graphic Department will be pleased to prepare it for you. It will take a maximum of 2 working days (normally 1 working day) and after just one day you will get an initial version of your card design for you to approve. We will then make all the reqiured corrections. Please remember that in case of any questions and problems, you can always contact our Graphic Department.